FBSM Mission

Faith Bible Student Ministries has one mission – to guide students in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

High School Students (grades 9-12)
We believe High School students must have two things: an acceptance and trust in grace and an exposure to and knowledge of truth. We know both of these can only be found in Jesus Christ and so we make Him and His Word the focus of all we do.

The High School ministry has a four-year plan in which each grade level will have a different area of focus. These are outlined below:

  • Freshmen – Pursuing Grace: the first year will focus on understanding grace and the role it plays to them personally and in their relationships.
  • Sophomores – Pursuing Others: the second year will center on what it means to serve others and the importance of connecting with people.
  • Juniors – Pursuing Holiness: the third year will concentrate on personal purity and making healthy choices in their life.
  • Seniors – Pursuing Purpose: the final year will be about helping our students understand their gifts and how God desires to use them post High School.

Join us for our “High School only” service in the FBSM room at 10:40 a.m. This is a great time to connect with students in a similar chapter of life and hear High School specific teaching.

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Junior High Students (grades 7-8)
We are a group of men and women dedicated to showing the way of Christ through example, the spoken Word, and fellowship. We are here to equip the emerging teenagers to face the challenges of life now, in High School and beyond, through the grace of God, the love of Christ, and the truth that comes from the Holy Spirit.

We use both large and small group teaching. In our large group we cover different topics within the year looking at what Scripture says about these topics. Our two-year set up consists of knowing Christ and the spiritual disciplines that are involved in the Christian life.

Join us during second service in the “Warehouse” (Room 159) for a time geared specifically for Jr. High.

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